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Wedding and Pig Roast for 200 Guests

Tarragon Catering has the Opportunity to Wow the Crowd at a Wedding for 200




 August 13th Tarragon Catering had the opportunity to make a special someones special day that much more special .

The service was a succulent pig roast service which started with a beautiful cheeseboard and beautifully presented appetizers to get the guests ready for an evening of great food and fun  Than the pig was served with a variety of homemade BBQ sauces additional entrees and a selection of fresh and flavorful side dishes.  Take a look at some of the photos...and dont drool on your keyboard!








The pig slow roasting late morning the day of the wedding. We started it at 5 am and stuffed it with apples and rosemary and let it spin and smoke til it was juicy and succulent 12 hours later.













Our beautifully presented cheese board with a selection of Brie, Stilton Blue, Jarlsburg Swiss, Gorgonzola, Tillamook Cheddar and aged New York White Cheddar accompanied by an array of Artisanal Mustards and garnished with a bounty of Fresh Fruit 














The Tarragon Catering Staff ready to ensure every detail is attended too during your next event!
















Tarragon Catering callaborated with the bride, groom and their family to design a wedding cake and display that was totally origanal while still being elegant and most important flavorful!!  This is a display of assorted petit for secs, homemade cupcakes provided by the brides family and a Flourless Chocolate Mousse Tart garnished with Gold Leaf provided by Tarragon.  Absolutely stunning!!
















Tarragon thanks you for letting us join you for one of the biggest nights of your life!! 










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