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The Tarragon Catering blog is up and running!!

Intimate 5 Course dinner for Bill and Jules August 15th


Here is a look at the last Tarragon event, a wonderful evening of fine dining,  fun and friends at the Wagley residence.  Enjoy a look at some of the courses enjoyed that evening....










Duet of Costini's with a Bruschetta of Heirloom Tomato's with Fresh Mozzarella and a Prosciutto and Red Plum Crisp with a Whipped Basil Ricotta









A warm Potato Zucchini Vichyssoise laced with a Chive Oil and garnished by a Crispy Parmesan Tuile












Moist Braised Short Ribs Provencal over an Oven Roasted Tomato Rosemary Risotto accompanied by fresh Broccoletti w/ Pancetta










A Satiny Espresso Creme Brulee' paired with a refreshing Watermelon Cherry Gazpacho Martini garnished w/ Heirloom Grapes











Thanks to Bill and Jule's for the opportunity to give them a wonderful meal and an amazing evening!!



Douglas Yeomans

Executive Chef

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