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Fox Valley Repertory Fundraiser

Posted by Tamara Sims of Something 2 Dance 2 


Chef Doug Yeomans of Tarragon Catering created an amazing menu for Fox Valley Repertory's Fundraiser.

This beautiful weather makes me think of weddings, backyard barbecues and cocktail parties with friends. But many of us are so busy during the summer months that it becomes difficult to plan a party, create the menu, shop for menu items and of course cook all of the food. It becomes increasingly difficult if you are a baker (like me) and not a cook! Luckily I found the perfect caterer who has delighted our guests throughout the years with his culinary expertise and outgoing personality. Chef Doug Yeomans of

And the public agrees:

So if you are planning a wedding reception or summer party we would highly recommend


For sample menu ideas and to learn how you can have

A closer look at Chef Doug's culinary creations!


Thank you so much fo your warm words Tamara and Im grateful everyday I can share my passion for food with as many people as possible! 





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