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Culinary Class Featuring Seafood and Sauces



Seafood and Sauces Culinary Class



I had the opportunity to share my culinary passion and love for cooking with Todd Bergeron, who appreciates the importance of great food as much as I do!!!    



Enjoy a peek at some of the amazing food Todd mastered that evening

(As always: Tarragon catering isnt responsible for any keyboards or mouses damaged do to excessive drooling)









Baked Cod Enpapiotte topped with lemon and Tarragon before we laced it with Olive Oil and sealed it up to lock the flavors in and than it was served with a Crab Dill Beurre Blanc Sauce

































Butter Poached Scallop with Tobika Caviara and moistened with a Citrus Sherry Vinaigrette and Chive Wands









Todd and myself discussing the subtle nuances between a good dish and an amazing one!!














Pan Seared Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon stuffed with an Herb Shrimp Mousse wrapped in Prosciutto and served with a Roasted Red Sauce and a drizzle of Basil Oil









The finished Plate!!!!









Roasting peppers for the sauce...the right way









Thanks again Todd and Michelle for having me over to work in your lovely home and kitchen. I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did.  If Todd keeps practicing in the kitchen I'm gonna have to continue working on my skills because one day the students going to surpasses the teacher...




Happy Cooking!!


Chef Doug

Tarragon Catering






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